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Since I am a college student and perpetually strapped for cash I am always trying to save money where it is possible. So right now I have decided that I can live without cable tv service and I will probably get rid of their broadband internet services as soon as I am able to determine which dsl service provides me with the best price performance in my area. I know people who spend between one hundred and fifty dollars and two hundred dollars on their cable bill, without including any added costs. Some of them still use the pay per view buttons to rent the latest movies, but that is pretty silly. The only reason I ever pay for cable is because I like to watch live sporting events on TV. Of course I can go hang out with my friends or sit around a bar or even the laundry mat down the street for that. It works out okay, because I can just drag my laundry down there and get it done while I am watching a game.

Of course I like the amount of bandwidth that I get and I would keep it if money were no issue. However I am going to guess that DSL will provide me with a pretty reasonable amount of service at a much more reasonable value, assuming that I do my homework and do not pick out a service which is not very good right here. You have to be aware of the limitations with regard to how DSL actually works. It is not the same as turning on a tap. The phone company has to have the right type of equipment close to where you live. They also offer a wide array of plans, most of which are designed for people who don’t use the internet very much.