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Keeping an Infinity’s navigation system up to date is important. A vehicle’s navigation system does more than just tell a driver how to get from point A to point B. The system also informs the driver of traffic accidents, roadwork, and closed roads. It works around these obstacles to find the best alternative route for the Infinity’s driver. Left without updates, a navigation system will not have access to the information it needs to get it’s user to their destination safely and effectively. Following these steps will allow the Infinity’s navigation system to be updated, giving it access to the most current software and information available. So, how do you obtain your infinity navigation update?

Updating your Infinity navigation system is important.

WikimediaImages / Pixabay

First, it is very important to use an authorized GPS or Navmap company. Authorized map update companies will typically display the logo prominently so that you know you are receiving the most current maps. Other websites may offer updates for the Infinity navigation system, but these products are not endorsed or created by the Infinity company. They may fail, and using them could risk voiding the vehicle’s warranty. Always choose the dealership updates over those of a third party.

On the infinity website, there are several models of car to choose from. Be certain to select the correct model of car. Selecting the wrong model could result in receiving a product that will not upload to the infinity at all. It could also result in the on board GPS crashing. The car is just another form of computer. Installing the wrong drivers on a computer could result in total system failure. The same is true for the vehicle’s GPS system. Since these updates aren’t free, choosing the wrong one could very likely be a waste of time and money. Be sure to select the correct car model.

A list of the most current map updates will be made available. These updates are the latest version of software available for the specific vehicle. Updates are not just state by state. Each CD covers a specific area and the states in that area; such as New England or Florida and the Southeast. Each CD will run about one hundred twenty dollars. Once the desired CD is selected, customers may check out and have the CD’s shipped to them. There are several shipping choices offered, so it is up to the customer when they want to receive the CD.

Once the CD arrives, it is simply a matter of putting the CD into the vehicle’s CD player and following the instructions on screen. It won’t take very long to upload to the on board GPS. Once the process is complete, store the CD in a safe place. It may never be needed again. In the event that it is needed, it will not have to be reordered. When all of the desired maps are I stalled, the car will be ready for travel. Whether its a drive across country or a simple drive to work, an updated Infinity GPS will guide the way safely and effectively.