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Opens source software or technology has been grossly misunderstood by many people as free software. That definition might just be a little satisfactory but it doesn’t explain deeply the background details of what this type of technology is all about. In plain terms open source software technology is the production and development of the ideology of giving developers and end users the permission to view the sources code of software technology as well as modify it to suite their personal use and interest. The opposite of open source software is the closed source version where users are forbidden from attempting any form of reverse engineering on the technology.

This technology is developed with the aim of facilitating technological development by allowing just about anyone to make modifications that will serve the purpose of people in different spheres of life. With this kind of freedom users are able to take control of their own software in line with their requirements and budgets. Developers of the software want other people to add their own features and modification to increase its quality and security, and then redistribute it to other people at will. These types of software allows for the establishment of a community of contributors and developers to work on the project so that features, modifications and improvements are made on the source code to ensure its continuity. Developers of open source technology also want to help create software that people can use without having to pay for it. This means that the technology is free for everyone to download and use.

The most important benefit of open source software is its ability to allow for knowledge sharing and facilitation. How does it do this? The open source knowledge community attracts the brightest and most learned developers who themselves are not paid but are motivated by the inspiration to create a massively successful technology through collaborations. It is a fact that knowledge and information is scattered all over the globe. With the availability of free source technology people indifferent places can make their own contributions to the knowledge base after assessing the most current and highest information. Rather than for material gains and money, authors involved with the open technology are motivated by peer recognition and pride. Open software allows authors to make corrections to the source code without any commercial interest in mind; this makes people work hard to ensure that it comes out excellent to benefit everyone.

For an organization to develop its knowledge base and information sharing capacity they need carry out proper implementation of open source technology. Information sharing in group collaboration to achieve greater capacity is achieved by reviewing based collaborations, so as to get approval before the content is made available to members. Change notification is also employed so that members of the knowledge group can know exactly when a collaborated document is updated. Revision control is run automatically for new reviews to be created and old ones accessible. There are comprehensive discussions to have access to permanent search conversions and the group collaboration can be used as a multi-author publishing tool.