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We live in an age where many companies are beginning to restrict the technology that you purchase from them. While you may make a purchase and feel as if you ‘own’ the device, in reality you only ‘own’ the ‘right’ to use the advice; no modifications can be made, no ‘hacks’ to be able to improve or change the device in any way – hardware or software! This truly limits creativity in the technical world but with designs like pirater un compte facebook and others, individuals and consumers are slowly taking back the right of the freedom of expression, the freedom to be inspired by creativity. While I can, in some ways, understand a company desiring to protect what it sees as its own intellectual property – in reality they are merely taking advantage of a currently abused and loop-hole riddled copy write systems that punishes the creative and rewards those quick enough to patent ambiguous designs.

I have a difficult time understanding why the creative commons license is no applied to any work after a set amount of years, rather than allowing for a constant re-newel of intelligent property and copy write rights. In the end, after so long, we will see a dramatic decrease in innovation as more and more ideas, and ideas that may just be similar in concept and design, being restricted. They will be shot down, they will be sued and they will only suffer due to their desire to create something new and interesting or to produce something that can improve upon existing products. Money, while important, is far less important than protecting the right to our creative abilities. Without creativity, many fields in our society will suffer due to the lack of such and fearing to be creative is only going to stifle our very economical might.